Construction project financial controls

Thanks to the systematic and regular controls, everything is in hand

Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser - auch in der Finanzkontrolle

Trusting is good, checking is better - this also applies to finance controls

The issue of costs and their observance applies to the constructor throughout the build time. There is not always much clarity about the amount of precision with which the build costs should be observed. Hence these apply: the more precise the cost planning and the cost supervision are, the more closely the cost specifications of the constructor will be met.

We will already check the build costs at the project phase for their completeness, assess management accounts, and the contractor’s additional requirements. Additionally, we will check the additional cost and final invoices and check the observance of estimates. Given that additional costs and construction cost overruns are nothing unusual in the building trade. However, clear and precise requirements in the contracts and construction descriptions, as also consequential modification and cost management can avoid this.

We will supervise the cost planning and development, so that construction finance is always in view.

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